Mirko Cresta
“Interdependency Between Government and Business”. Illustrations for Lehigh Business Magazine.
“Transition”. Poster for the exhibition “Poster Safari” during the Zurich Design Week 2023.
“Shine”. Personal project.
“Tolerance”. Poster for the Ih8war campaign.
“Dooooog”. Personal project.
“Stop the madness”. Poster for the exhibition “Graphis – designers for peace: united with Ukraine”.
“Resilience”. Personal project.
“Wonder Woman”. Personal project.
“The Trans-Mission. What are the consequences of the gender culture war”. Cover illustration for Cicero magazine.
“How millennials and Gen Z are remaking the GOP”. Illustration for Deseret magazine.
“Bear in mind”. Illustration for Deseret magazine.
“Harmony”. Illustration for a sci-fi short story and a poster for Avatars.inc.
“Stranger”. Personal project.
“Don’t wait for the rain”. Illustrations for a book.
“Remembering Flight 191”. Illustration for Playboy.
“Submarine”. Illustration for Popshot magazine.
Massa & Marti. Stationery for a graphic design studio.
“The war on drugs”. Illustration for America magazine.
Annélen. Lookbook for the spring/summer collection.
Annélen. Textile design for the spring/summer collection.
“In the Zone”. Illustration for The Washington Post.
“Taming your finances.”. Illustration for The Washington Post.
Invitation for a piano concert.
Poster for the “Childhood is not child’s play” campaign.
“Drans”. Invitation for a dance performance.
Laube. Christmas greetings card.